Imaging services

We offer microscopy imaging services that enables confocal pictures as well as image-analysis of single slides or 96, 384, 1536 well plates. The instrument is capable of confocal microscopy of fluorescently stained samples.

The instrument, OPERA: Confocal High Throughput imager from Perkin Elmer is loaded with superb features:

  • Fully automated confocal imaging and autofocus system
  • 4 laser based excitation sources (405, 488, 532, 635 nm)
  • Non-confocal Epi-Fluorescence Imaging (optional)
  • 3 independent CCD detectors
  • On board Dispenser for kinetic applications (optional)
  • Compatible with all plate types (96 to 2080 wells)
  • High speed data acquisition (up to 100,000 image pairs in 24 h)
  • On board device-inherent image analysis script library



Our rates are extremely competitive and we will accomodate your assay needs. We are a specialist of High Content Screening (HCS) combined with HighThroughput Screening (HTS). We work with customers in any of the following combinations:

  1. Acquisition of images with customer prepared samples
  2. Acquisition and analysis with customer prepared samples
  3. Sample preparation only
  4. Sample preparation and imaging
  5. Sample preparation, imaging and analysis

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