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There are several databases that are used to track biomarkers. The important thing to keep in mind is that the biomarker may be biological entity like a protein, lipid or DNA/RNA fragment but they can also be a group of cells – for example Tumor infiltrating cells or, physiological test, clinical outcome measure even an online test. The biomarker databases usually add a list of publications and some other resources such as usage in clinical trials  or review by FDA. These database useful if the main purpose is to search through a list and sort out the important ones in an exploratory study. However, the critical test for any biomarker is to determine if it indeed follows the disease and/or the drug being developed to modify the disease. Here is a list of some of those Biomarker databases, with a very short review on each.



Public domain:

NCI has their own database that is cancer specific and has comprehensive information.

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (OMIM) for gene disorders: Not quite a biomarker database but possible to find immense amount of information quickly.

Human Metabolome database: This is comprehensive and searchable if you are looking for a metabolite for a specific disease.

Disease related biomarkers from a publication that needs some understanding to fully utilize the resources.

US EPA has a database that can be downloaded by anyone but has not been updated since 2004.



Disease specific

To find specific disease type through an ontology use this portal (

Or use this for details on human diseases:


Urinary protein biomarker. This is quite comprehensive and searchable and worth a look.

Stroke biomarkers. Good classification of some areas within stroke and can lead to interesting areas to click to explore new biomarkers.

Alzhiemer’s research


Sampling of some Commercial ones:

Charles River have created an accessible database for some disorders that is great for exploring new areas.


BiomarkerBase by Amplion: They promise a lot but without the ability to test ride the database.


Global online biomarker database (Gobiom) by GVKBio claims to be the biggest one and some of their work goes through significant amounts of data to sort out characteristic of specific biomarkers.


This is not a comprehensive list and needs work to build up a database of databases !

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