What is the value of simplicity? Take the Apple store as an example. Not too many places to sit and browse but just simple table in the center and then devices off to the side. Of course there is the glass front which enables everything to be seen.

But imagine creating a medical device that people touch and feel. We were designing our medical device that is a prototype for research into pain and we went with the same principles.

We designed the simple device as you see here. It has only one switch that is not visible and everything else is about function and making it simple. Also just one light that tells you when it is on or off. Do you, the insightful reader see the similarity?

Now software that is a different thing.

Engineers want to build in complicated features that are multifunctional. Wonder how can software be simplified till you can see just the tools that you want and everything else disappears till you want to see it.

Would that work?

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