Hospital corridors are boring

Why are hospital corridors boring? The patients could do with a little knowledge while they wait or even some entertainment. Right now, they are just bored – they look at the walls or they would most probably look at the phone. Is that the best thing that they should be doing?

How would someone change the corridors – this is probably not a technology solution as much as it’s an  user-needs collection problem. There is probably not one solution for all corridors – a painting may not be the best thing but then would inspirational words help?

There is an old quote by Emile Coue “Every day, in every way, I'm getting better and better” and maybe motivational quotes painted like that would cheer up patients – but in the language of medicine and science – reading such a quote has not been shown to make an improvement either.

Or maybe it is boring because the hospital does not want you to stay too long!

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