Companion Devices in medicine

Usin'Life has been combining software, hardware and disease specific information to create prototype devices for specific disease indications. We work with University Hospitals, Pharma and Biotech companies as collaborators to invent new devices that measure various physiological parameters important in drug development.

Since much of our work is confidential, the 3D image shows one of the prototype devices that we created for Dystrophy. Though, purposely, not much information can be seen, our 3D design work was the first step in creation of the prototype device. This was then engineered to a functional model, combined with custom software which works through a unique touch-screen display that enabled scientists to operate the device easily.

Try rotating the fully functional model below. Click the play button and see it in all 3D by rotating, zooming, moving the model with your mouse.


Instrument by usinlife on Sketchfab


Please contact us for more information or how we can help you in creating a new device for your needs.

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